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Yosemite Trip Recap

Going through the selling of my current home and the apartment hunting in Boston has thus prevented me from living my “healthy yuppie” lifestyle to the fullest but that didn’t stop me from taking a trip with 5 of my college friends to Yosemite National Park for Memorial Day Weekend.

Spain Trip Recap

For every trip I take, I write a daily journal for myself to make sure I recall all the things I do, both as a way to look back and as a way to share with others. Instead of just posting the journal here, I will spare you all the words and share some of the most interesting things I experienced in Spain in the hopes of inspiring you all to make your own Spanish trip a bit better.

Itinerary Building (and how it can work for everyone) + Croatia Itinerary

When it comes to vacation and trip planning, there seems to be a spectrum on which people fall on. On one end, there are the people who don’t plan anything much besides the flights and the hotels. They plan to figure everything out when they get there. On the other end are the folks who plan every minute of every day they are traveling. Both ends of the spectrum are unrealistic if you want to have the best time you can.

My Top 5 Resources and Top 5 Tips For Finding Cheap Flights

I love to travel and I also love to plan. It should be no surprise that travel planning is then a perfect storm of things I love to do. Before 2018 started, I had all my big vacations planned for the entire year. I plan almost all my family vacations. Given this skill and love, I have developed a reputation at my office as a resource to find cheap flights, as I have done extensive research on this myself. I was asked to give a presentation to my office on how to find cheap flights so I reapplied that to my blog post below.