Welcome to The Healthy Yuppie!

My name is Adam, a health enthusiast working for a consumer products company full time. Welcome to this side project of mine, where I hope to share my passions of healthy cooking, fitness, and travel with the world, and hopefully inspire others to live a bit healthier (in every sense of the word) in their own lives.

Instagram: @the_healthy_yuppie

Healthy Cooking

My current eating philosophy is that most of the time, I follow a strict eating "lifestyle" (I try and avoid the word "diet" which implies something more short term). It has evolved over my adult life, as I've dabbled in paleo, gluten-free and the like. I cook almost all of my meals, eating out maybe once or twice a week at most. This allows me to control what I put in my body and makes sense both health-wise and financially. Currently, I am following something very close to Tim Ferriss's "Slow Carb Diet", which he talks about on his blog and in his book, The Four Hour Body. My day to day meals comprise largely of lean meats, eggs, veggies, and legumes. For snacks, I try and eat small portions of nuts and hummus (with carrots/celery). Besides the supplements I take every morning, all my calories come from whole foods, which is very important to me.

Treat Yourself

While I do follow my above eating philosophy most of the time, I do recognize the need to treat yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed and for me, eating yummy food is part of that. That is not to say that I don't find my healthy cooking above delicious, which I do, but there are just some things that are not "healthy" that I love (like pie). Letting yourself indulge every once in while is, in my opinion, important for your mental health.

You will find a section on my blog with "Treat Yourself Recipes" where I post recipes I try and love that I wouldn't regard as "healthy" but I love nonetheless. Even so, these "Treat Yourself Recipes" likely follow the whole food aspect of my diet but include foods not on the above Slow Carb Diet (fruit, sugar, dairy, flour etc.). I can't deny myself my grandma's apple pie when she makes it on Thanksgiving!

When eating out, I try and have a rule where I eat something that I wouldn't eat at home, either because it's not in line with my eating philosophy or because it requires a technique/ingredients that make it difficult to make at home (like really good pho). 

Doing this allows me to achieve the balance in eating that works for me, which may or may not work for you. I believe that treating myself in moderation makes me a happier person.


In high school, I ran track & field which got me into both running and lifting and as I continued into college and early adulthood, I focused more on lifting as a means to attain the body, level of fitness, energy, and athleticism I desired. Currently, I follow a regime of CrossFit-style boot camp classes (not at an official CrossFit gym) paired with weight-lifting. This, with my eating philosophy, has allowed me to be in the best shape of my life and I love it. On the blog, you will find me posting interesting exercises we do plus some killer workouts to change up your own routines.


At my office, I have developed somewhat of a reputation as the travel planner, both because of my ability to find cheap flights but also how to maximize your experience wherever you're traveling. Candidly, I am not a "sit on the beach" kind of vacation person. When I travel, I want to be moving around and experiencing the culture, whether that be the food, the architecture, the scenery, or the history (to only mention a few). When I sit down to build itineraries for my trips, I do a fair amount of research both online and by crowd-sourcing to determine the best things to do when I am in a given place. Through doing the research and planning, I believe you have more freedom. When you know what is available, you have the freedom to choose and your mind will not be plagued with "what am I missing?". And while I plan, I also allow for my plans to be interrupted if something I didn't learn about comes up. This may not be for everyone but it's how I travel and it has served me well so far.