Parish Cafe: A Review of all 19 Sandwiches

In December 2018, two friends embarked on a daunting journey…a journey to try every sandwich on the Parish Café Menu. Though many called them crazy for going to a single restaurant so many times, they didn’t let the haters distract them from persevering and finally achieving their goal, 3 months later. I am now here today to tell our story and share our ultimate, undisputed rankings of all 19 Parish Café sandwiches (though really this is up to personal preference so feel free to dispute it).

Vegetarian Night: Thai Butternut Squash Lentil Soup + Zucchini Carrot Fritters

With that said, I had a free Friday night so I decided to have a vegetarian night, as I had been eating chicken for almost every lunch and dinner for 2 weeks straight. I decided to combine two different recipes: A Thai Butternut Squash Lentil Soup (courtesy of Ambitious Kitchen) and Zucchini Carrot Fritters (courtesy of Tasty). We got our first bunch of snow here in Boston this weekend so I thought there would be no better time to make a hearty, warming soup. The soup was perfectly spicy while the fritters were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I would recommend them both for anyone looking for a cold-weather vegetarian meal.

How I Grocery Shop

I’ve been asked more than once what I get at the grocery store so I decided I would share it here. I tend to eat the same thing everyday except if I am going out to eat or cooking one of my Healthy Yuppie meals. That includes a veggie omelette for breakfast, chicken with salad and beans/vegetables for lunch, and chicken with beans/vegetables for dinner. Sometimes I will switch in fish or ground beef but I rarely get bored of chicken (especially when I switched up the marinade). Though eating the same way each day isn’t for everyone, it allows me to prevent food waste due to unused leftover ingredients and it also saves me time and energy thinking about what I am going to make/eat.

Miso-Tahini Squash Soup

Miso (an Asian ingredient) and tahini (a middle eastern ingredient) aren’t ingredients you would necessarily think would go well together but they did. Add in some garlic, ginger, squash, and kale and you have a healthy soup to warm you on a cool fall/winter evening. I didn’t have hot chili oil but I used some sriracha which added a nice spice.

Thai Turkey Meatballs with Coconut Broth and Noodles

The weather is getting cold in Boston so I figured it was about time to start making soup…it’s soup season! This is a recipe I’ve been wanting to try for a while because it reminds me of chicken noodle soup but with an Asian twist. I could eat the meatballs alone but when immersed in the curry coconut broth…it takes it to the next level. Be prepared for your home to smell like ginger and garlic…you’re welcome.

Meatless Monday: Black Bean Burgers

I’m sure many of you have heard about the rise of vegan and vegetarian diets, or at least the idea of “Meatless Mondays.” Many people have different reasons for reducing their consumption of meat, whether it be health, environmental, or ethical. For me, I try and eat a meatless meal periodically for the environmental impact. I don’t think it can be disputed that the production of meat requires more resources and emits more CO2 into the air than following a vegetarian diet. As a result, I did my part this Monday with some friends in celebrating Meatless Monday by making these Black Bean burgers.

Make Your Own Bulgogi

Since I moved to Boston, I had been wanting to check out H Mart, the chain of nicer Asian grocery stores around the country. A friend of mine and I were planning on cooking so I suggested we bike over to H Mart in Cambridge and make a last second decision on what to make (which is so unlike me when I go to the store). We decided we would let the store guide us based on what looked good. 

When we got there and walked around a bit, we noticed all the great fresh product and meat and decided we would make our own bulgogi bowls. We grabbed a few ingredients like flank steak, shitake mushrooms, and carrots and then I had a bunch of the other ingredients at home already. See below for a recipe that we made up on the spot...a meal I will definitely be making again. The only difference vs. regular bulgogi is that I didn't slice the steak thinly, I kept it thicker and it tasted just as good.

2-Step Curried Chickpea Salad

Gosh I love chickpeas. They are in so many of my favorite foods (hummus and falafel) and they make a great snacks when you season and bake them (much better than potato chips). A friend of mine shared this curried chickpea salad recipe with me (from one of our favorite food bloggers/Instagrammers @hummusapien) and I just had to make it. Of course it has chickpeas but then it has fresh herbs like cilantro, textural adds like cashews (also my favorite nut) and raisins, and then of course turmeric and curry powder, some of my favorite spices. I think I could've eaten the whole bowl myself but I restrained myself, and now I have leftovers. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, it is only 2 steps and takes 15 minutes to make (and if you cook often, you will likely have over half the ingredients in your kitchen already!).

Paleo Morning Glory Muffins

When I do bake, I often try and use alternative flours/sugars to do some experimentation. The texture isn't always the same but the flavor is great. In these muffins, I used almond flour and coconut sugar instead of wheat flour and white sugar. Adding the grated carrots and apples and the raisins, walnuts, and coconut made them extra chunky and hearty and really fun to pull apart with your hands. It added a nice textural contrast to the muffins instead of just getting a full bite of muffins. I made a big batch of these with a friend, Nicole, and will have one a day as a snack for the rest of the week. See the original recipe link at the bottom of the post.

Thai Green Curry Chicken Soup

This Thai Green Curry Chicken Soup is one I've been wanting to try for a while. I love soups, especially as the weather gets colder. Whenever anyone asks me what I like to cook, I tell them I usually like to cook ethnic food. If I'm cooking chicken, I want to cook Moroccan or Middle Eastern or Latin chicken. This soup is no different. Instead of classic chicken noodle soup, I decided to make this soup, which used Green Curry Paste and Rice noodles instead of wheat noodles. It was so flavorful and cleared the sinuses a bit more than classic chicken noodle soup, which is especially perfect for when you are a little under the weather.

Yosemite Trip Recap

Going through the selling of my current home and the apartment hunting in Boston has thus prevented me from living my “healthy yuppie” lifestyle to the fullest but that didn’t stop me from taking a trip with 5 of my college friends to Yosemite National Park for Memorial Day Weekend.

Spain Trip Recap

For every trip I take, I write a daily journal for myself to make sure I recall all the things I do, both as a way to look back and as a way to share with others. Instead of just posting the journal here, I will spare you all the words and share some of the most interesting things I experienced in Spain in the hopes of inspiring you all to make your own Spanish trip a bit better.