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How I Grocery Shop

I’ve been asked more than once what I get at the grocery store so I decided I would share it here. I tend to eat the same thing everyday except if I am going out to eat or cooking one of my Healthy Yuppie meals. That includes a veggie omelette for breakfast, chicken with salad and beans/vegetables for lunch, and chicken with beans/vegetables for dinner. Sometimes I will switch in fish or ground beef but I rarely get bored of chicken (especially when I switched up the marinade). Though eating the same way each day isn’t for everyone, it allows me to prevent food waste due to unused leftover ingredients and it also saves me time and energy thinking about what I am going to make/eat.

A Typical Sam's Club Haul

For most single-person households, shopping at a club store may not seem to make sense for food, since you can only consume so much food before it goes bad. Here is the type of food that I buy at the local Sam's Club, none of which will go bad anytime soon.