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My Top 5 Foreign Destinations

My Top 5 Foreign Destinations

I have had the great fortune of traveling to 16 countries in my 24 years of life and I have loved them all:

-        Canada

-        Mexico

-        St. Martin

-        England

-        France

-        Italy

-        Vatican City (if you want to count that)

-        Croatia

-        Germany

-        Czech Republic

-        The Netherlands

-        Belgium

-        Sweden

-        Austria

-        Israel

-        Thailand

I get to check off Spain and Curacao this year and have many more on my list (many in South America, Australia, and New Zealand are on the short list).

I often get asked about my favorite places I’ve traveled to. So I decided to make this list.

1. The Amalfi Coast – still the most beautiful place on earth I have ever been. I went with my family here (specifically, Positano) during a tour of Italy and compared to the busier cities of Italy (personally not a big fan of Rome or Venice), it was breath-taking. The food, the views, and the boating made it for me.

2. Croatia – The diversity of things you can do in this country is amazing and it is not surprised that this is an up and coming destination. You can go to Dubrovnik for the history and beautiful architecture (plus it’s where they film Kings Landing in Game of Thrones). You can then go island hopping to an endless number of islands (we went to Hvar and Korcula). And then you can also go to one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, Plitvice Lakes National Park.

3. Israel – Often times, the people make the place and this is an example of that. I went here on a Birthright trip and made a few lifelong friends. Every day was packed with activities and every portion of travel that I love was hit: the historical sites (The Western Wall), the food (I could eat shawarma for every meal), the sports (rafting in the Jordan River), and the views (Masada/The Dead Sea). Those are just a few of the many things we did. I never felt unsafe when I was there either and would love to go back again sometime soon.

4. Thailand – I went here with my dad after I graduated from college and we did an active group tour, meaning we were either hiking, biking, or kayaking throughout the country. We biked around Bangkok and Chiang Mai and went backpacking in the hills outside Chiang Mai, staying with the hilltribes. The food was amazing and the people were so friendly. It was the most “different” place I have ever been. The only downside is how long it takes to get there. When I go to Asia next, I will try and visit several places while I am over there.

5. Stockholm – Stockholm is perhaps the cleanest city I have ever visited and also very beautiful. I visited with a friend on a mini-Eurotrip during the summer after my sophomore year and we loved it here. Stockholm is part of an archipelago so we took a couple ferries to different islands nearby and the architecture of the entire city was stunning. Warning: it’s an expensive city.

Those are my favorites as of now but I have loved every trip I’ve taken. If you are ever curious about things to do in any of the different countries I’ve been to, please don't hesitate to reach out at thehealthyyuppie@gmail.com


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My Travel Workouts

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