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My Travel Workouts

My Travel Workouts

Though I love traveling, I am the type of person who needs to do something to stay somewhat in shape when I travel. I don't let it take over my trip but I always try and plan a 30 minute workout everyday when I am traveling. If you are traveling with others, you should be able to find the time while others are showering/getting ready. If it's important to you, make the time. That said, you often won't have access to a gym (especially in foreign countries, where gyms are not as common). Like me, if you are not into running, you have to make do with your body weight and whatever you might have around. The only piece of equipment I bring is a resistance band and then everything else does not require equipment. I follow the below 3-day split while I am on vacation. Check out my instagram for a video of some of my favorites.

Day 1 (Push)

Push-ups - 100

Close grip push ups - 40

Dips (on bench or chair) - 60

Burpees - 50

Core (do circuit 3x)

Plank 90 sec

Side plank 60 min (es)

Plank side touches - 20 (es)

Day 2 (Legs)

Circuit 1 (do 4x)

Pistol squats - 8 (es)

Side lunges - 10 (es)

Single Leg Hip raise - 10 (es)

Circuit 2 (do 3x)

Jump squats - 20

Split squats using chair - 10 (es)

Core circuit (do 3x)

Mountain Climbers - 20

Hallow Rocks - 20

Corkscrews - 10 (es)

Side crunches - 20 (es)

Day 3 (Pull/heavy core)

20 x band pulls x 3

20 x band curls x 3

20 x band reverse flies x 3

Circuit 1 (do 3x)

Supermen - 20

Bird dogs - 20 (es)

Trap raise - holding things - 15

Core circuit (do 3x)

Leg overs - 10 (es)

Russian twists - 20

Bicycles - 20

Atomic sit-ups - 20

Snakes - 20

Scissors - 20

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